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Phyllis Woods Brown
     Phyllis is proud to come from a "musical" family!  Her earliest memories of childhood include always singing with her family.  They sang in the car, around the campfire, and while chores were done.  Phyllis credits her mother with her first introduction to harmonies; Phyllis' father played in dance bands from time to time.  She spent hours of her pre-teen years sitting at her grandfather's organ, picking out melodies and chords and even writing her first tunes.  It was inevitable that when Phyllis was 13 and found an old guitar sitting in the corner of the sun porch at her other grandparents' home that she would pick it up and never really look back.  Music became her focus from that day on, and she started performing at the age of 15 for local school and church events.
     Phyllis studied Music Education at Tennessee Tech University in Tennessee, and was delighted when her father built both her first mountain dulcimer and hammered dulcimer.
    Phyllis has always enjoyed teaching others what she has learned, and has taught and  performed at numerous venues, ranging from city and county folk festivals, Old Time Festivals, weddings, fundraisers, Christmas celebrations,  church services and special events.

“I think people tend to perceive playing musical instruments as something that is very difficult to do, and I heartily disagree! I think MOST people are capable of playing something!  And it's so worthwhile!  It provides a wide spectrum of benefits--self-accomplishment, comfort, escape, even friendship!  Playing most instruments is a simple matter of learning your instrument inside out, teaching your mind the melodies, and your muscles the movements.  

 We can all play someone else’s arrangements. I prefer to teach how to create your own lovely and interesting arrangements.”