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You’ve used flash CARDS before, but have you ever tried Flash CHORDS?

Introducing my latest offering to the Dulcimer world.... hammered dulcimer and mountain dulcimer chords that you can learn any where and any time at your convenience! These cards are a great learning tool, as well as a valuable teaching tool. 

If you’ve been struggling to make sense of your hammered dulcimer layout and/or chords in general, these flash cards will help you learn quickly and permanently. 

In a comprehensive report released on Jan. 9 by the Association for Psychological Science, the authors, led by Kent State University professor John Dunlosky, closely examined different learning tactics and rated each from high to low utility on the basis of the evidence they’ve amassed.

Their results?

“Research shows that the mere act of calling information to mind strengthens knowledge and aids in future retrieval. While practice testing is not a common strategy, there is one familiar approach that captures its benefits: USING FLASH CARDS”. Using flash cards was rated as “high utility” by the authors of the study. 

With “FLASH CHORDS” you will be able to easily learn Major, Minor, 7th chords (and more) using several different configurations on your instrument for each chord. Each card has a hammered dulcimer diagram with marked strings making up a chord. The answer are, of course, on the reverse side. 

You can find these in my Store.  Thanks for visiting!

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